September 2017

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Welcome to the September 17 edition of EYE. Inside you will find a wide variety of articles that mix best practice, research, policy, latest developments, expert opinion and practical applications. This month, Our main focus takes a look at how the Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered in a childminding setting. We also have opinion articles from:

  • Jackie Neagle, a nursery owner who has been forced to close due to persistent underfunding of the 'free' entitlement
  • Louise and Noam Lederman who suggest the lack of government funding will hit resources and cultural experiences offered to children
  • Deborah Lawson who welcomes new ministers but wonders about the backlog of policy decisions that either need urgent amendment or have yet to be implemented.

As always, the main body of the magazine covers a wide variety topics:

  • Maureen Lee explores what it means for both schools and children when they take those important steps between different settings
  • Sonia Maidstone-Cotton takes a further look at wellbeing, exploring how practitioner mental health impacts on children.
  • Our international ECEC series continues with Verity Campbell-Barr's look at the early childhood system in Hungary.
  • Pamela Moffett introduces the latest research into the use of digital technologies in the early years.
  • Paula Brown examines the role played by the concept of binary opposites in learning and development.
  • Dr Carolyn Blackburn assesses the development of an early intervention method for children with complex needs based on relationships.
  • Dawn Francis-Pester examines how a child's nascent understanding of the world is shaped by books, especially in terms of gender and equality.

Our spotlight focuses on the latest 'challenging behaviour' clinical trials. Our practical section is full of interesting and ready-to-go ideas, including:

  • The possibilities inherent in small world play.
  • The sixth part of our series exploring mathematical learning and language in your setting using everyday and junk materials – this month, bottles.
  • The second in a six-part series that offers advice for promoting healthy habits – hydration
  • Getting ready to go out – what to wear and why
  • The first in a four-part nutrition series offering advice, science and recipe ideas for the meals you serve in your setting – this month, breakfast.

All this, plus three pages of academic and picture book reviews.

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