September 2016

In this issue

Welcome to the September 2016 issue of EYE. Inside you will find a wide variety of articles that mix best practice, research, policy, latest developments, expert opinion and practical applications. This month, we have:

  • Opinion articles from Beatrice Merrick (Early Education) and Liz Bayram (PACEY).
  • Our main focus article, from Sam Bridle explores opinions about gun play from teachers who work in military towns.
  • Deborah Laxton explores the future of Early Years Teacher Status from the viewpoint of the mentors and the benefits they get from participating.
  • Penny Tassoni starts a two-part examination of factors that might affect a child’s ability to communicate.
  • Ruth Barley explores children’s attitudes to ethnicity, culture and identity.
  • Joe Murdoch assesses the reasons why men are not being enticed into an early years career
  • Julia Gouldsboro states the reasons and benefits for truly valuing our workforce.
  • Richard Willis compares graduates courses in England and South Australia.
  • Deb Wilenski explores a collaboration between children, a poet and an illustrator, inspired by nature.

Our practical section is full of interesting and ready-to-go ideas, including ideas for activities based on starting school; encouraging an interest in vehicles large and small; getting the most out of home visits; using the Great Fire of London to get children moving; getting active with variations on the game of hopscotch. Plus three pages of academic and picture book reviews.

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