January 2018

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Welcome to the January 18 issue of EYE. Inside you will find a wide variety of articles that mix best practice, research, policy, latest developments, expert opinion and practical applications. This month, we have opinion articles from:

  • Shannon Hawthorne, who explains why we need a sustainable approach to funding
  • Jo Morris who states that the sector is feeling the strain at the end of the first term since the full roll-out of 30-hour ‘free’ childcare
  • Tracey Cliff who wonders why little is being done to address the reasons teachers are leaving the profession.

Our Focus article this month is from Teresa Kiely, who explores the provision of the foundation stage in a daycare setting. Dr Sue Allingham’s analysis of this month’s news focuses on the disjointed thinking behind government policy. Our features this month, include:

  • Judy Clegg explores whether staff professional development can really help to improve children’s speech.
  • Debra Laxton talks to two male Early Years Teachers about their experiences.
  • Joe Murdoch believes it is time to challenge the thought that adult-led play is a ‘play type’.
  • Vanessa Dooley explains how interacting with peers and with adults can help to establish self-esteem and regulated behaviour.
  • Kathryn Solly examines den play and explains how it helps children to take control of their own reality.
  • Dianne Campkin shares her experiences of replacing a dedicated maths area with traditional games.
  • Louise Day discusses how parent’s views can differ from a setting’s practice and how we can all work together for the best of children.

The month’s Spotlight shines on the return of the Minding the Gap conference while the practical section includes:

  • Debbie Chalmers explores interesting ways of playing with marbles
  • Paula Brown’s series on questions moves on to ‘when’
  • Sarah Davies explores ways of introducing puppets
  • Jenni Clarke explores the use of resources to make the most of the indoor areas of your setting
  • Marianne Sargent explores ‘weight’ in relation to physical development and a child’s mathematical knowledge
  • Ann Roberts looks at the advantages of using storytelling chairs.

All this, plus three pages of academic and picture book reviews.

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