February 2017

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Welcome to the February 17 issue of EYE. Inside you will find a wide variety of articles that mix best practice, research, policy, latest developments, expert opinion and practical applications. This month, we have opinion articles from:

  • Claire Schofield (NDNA) regarding the unintended consequences of raising the national living wage
  • Neil Leitch (Pre-school Learning Alliance) won why 2017 is going to be a make or break year for the sector
  • Deborah Lawson (Voice) on why we need to keep early years issues high on the government's agenda.
  • In our main focus article, Teresa Kiely takes a case study approach to exploring the potential of sessional playschool care.
  • In the main body of the magazine, Wendy McEvoy explores the importance of self-regulation on a child's ability to learn and achieve.
  • Maureen Lee explain why all staff members should have up-to-date safeguarding training.
  • Jessica Clifton explores the benefits of playful and creative learning when finding solutions to problems.
  • Paula Moffett uses a practical case study to introduce the mathematical language of subtraction.
  • Dawn Francis-Pester offers an introduction to different forms of colour blindness.
  • Joe Murdoch discusses the role of gun and weapon play in settings in the context of global mobility.
  • Sarah Quinn explains how a floor book approach can help children and staff to develop collaborative learning.

Our practical section is full of interesting and ready-to-go ideas, including:

  • Introducing creative family sessions
  • Making the most of playdough
  • Activities that aid gross motor skills development
  • How Play Therapy can help children to explore emotions safely
  • Physical activities that support International Polar Bear Day
  • The second in a three-part series about building block play.
  • Plus, three pages of academic and picture book reviews
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