December 2017

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Welcome to the December issue of EYE. Inside you will find a wide variety of articles that mix best practice, research, policy, latest developments, expert opinion and practical applications. This month, we have Opinion articles from:

  • Jo Verrill, who asks whether the 24,600 vacant staff places will lead to impending childcare place shortage?
  • Ken McArthur who wonders whether the chaotic 30-hour entitlement project means that the only person who can truly help you is ‘you’?
  • Deborah Lawson states that while there is a need for a fair system to measure attainment and progress, baseline assessment is not the answer.

We also have our regular mix in-depth articles from specialists in the field. In this issue you will find contributions from:

  • Kathryn Solly, who offers an insight into the lasting influence of Froebel on early education and care.
  • Dr Sue Allingham’s analysis of this month’s news ponders whether those in charge of policy are really listening to us.
  • Dr Verity Campbell-Barr concludes her series on international perspectives of ECEC concludes with a look at both the differences and commonalities between the featured countries that can shape future services.
  • Debra Laxton uses case studies to explain why opening up Early Years Initial Teacher Training to all graduates was the right one.
  • Emily Whyte states that regular exposure to science is something that all early years educators can support on a daily basis.
  • Chloe Webster sees the growing links between early years settings and homes for the elderly as signs of a positive move in society.
  • Neil Henty reports on the third EYE Early Years Pupil Premium conference, which built on the success of the previous two, with a focus on successful outcomes.
  • Louise Day asks what ‘being creative’ means, and whether the way art is approached in our settings the best way to promote artistic thought in children?

This month’s Spotlight falls on the recent 30-hour parliamentary lobby while in the practical section we have:

  • Debbie Chalmers explores ways of sharing end of year celebrations with all children and families
  • Paula Brown’s series on questions moves on to ‘who’; Sarah Davies explores ways of helping you to keep fit and healthy in order to look after children
  • Jenni Clarke explores the use of resources to make the most of the great outdoors
  • Marianne Sargent explores ‘length’ in relation to physical development and a child’s mathematical knowledge; and the final part of our nutrition series explores puddings and desserts.

You will find all this in the December issue plus three pages of academic and picture book reviews.

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