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The new-look Early Years Educator (EYE) provides expert guidance for early years professionals committed to enhancing their provision, developing their skill base and advancing their own continuing professional development. Each change has been made in line with your comments, and in consultation with our expert editorial board. In addition to its new, fresh look and feel, EYE is designed to encourage the reader to engage with its content, to explore topics and to pursue the ideas it presents. EYE is a must-read for early years professionals committed to advancing their skills.

The magazine covers both the theory and practice of early years teaching. Our content is as valuable to student readers as it is to, early years practitioners, consultants and managers. EYE provides expert feature articles, international case studies, up to date comment on government policy and critical analysis of crucial topics affecting early years educators and carers.

Crucially, EYE is committed to helping its readers understand why theoretical issues matter to them and the children in their care. All theory is entirely supported by practical ideas, and each issue contains resources you can readily use to nurture development and knowledge, and inspire an enthusiasm for learning within your setting.

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